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900 S. Saginaw St.

Flint, Michigan 48502
(810) 257-3232

Image: Courthouse Saginaw Street Entrance
The Circuit Court-Criminal Division of the Prosecutor's   Office is housed in the Genesee County Circuit Courthouse Building in downtown Flint (Click here for a map) <click here for courthouse history> . The Division is headed by Managing Assistant Prosecutor Richmond Riggs and is further comprised of four assistant prosecutors and three administrative support staff.



The Circuit Court is the highest trial court in Michigan. Image: Courthouse Beach Street Entrance
All felony trials are held in this court. A felony is a crime punishable by one year or more in a state prison or county jail. Felony charges are first handled in District Court then, if bound over, charges are handled in Circuit Court. Criminal Circuit Court proceedings begin with an arraignment which is a hearing at which the defendant is informed of the charges against him/her and bail is set by the Judge. At the arraignment, the Judge will also schedule a pre-trial conference and the trial. The pre-trial conference is a meeting between the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the Judge to determine if the case can be resolved without a trial.







George Demeo Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810) 257-3232 gdemeo@co.genesee.mi.us
   Karen Hanson   Assistant Prosecuting Attorney   (810)257-3232  khanson@co.genesee.mi.us
Rebecca Jurva-Brinn Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810) 257-3232 rjurvabrinn@co.genesee.mi.us
Andrea Legendre Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810) 257-3232 alegendre@co.genesee.mi.us
Anthony Maxwell Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810) 257-3232 amaxwell@co.genesee.mi.us
Janet McLaren Special Assistant  Attorney General (810) 257-3232  jmclaren@co.genesee.mi.us
Jonathan Poulos Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810) 257-3232 jpoulos@co.genesee.mi.us
Michael Thomas Special Assistant Attorney General (810) 257-3232  mthomas@co.genesee.mi.us
Barney Whitesman Special Assistant  Attorney General (810) 257-3232 bwhitesman@co.genesee.mi.us  
Debra Reece Paralegal (810) 257-3232   dreece@co.genesee.mi.us
Katie Snyder Paralegal (810) 257-3210 ksnyder@co.genesee.mi.us

Brenda Camp


  (810)257- 3232


  Jodi Ratynski   Secretary   (810)257-3232 jratynski@co.genesee.mi.us  

The Historic Genesee County Courthouse
on Saginaw Street on a chilly winter evening.
Image: Courthouse Saginaw Street Entrance in Winter