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Guardianship of a Developmentally Disabled Individual


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 Please see the Michigan Supreme Court website
for the latest version of all probate
forms or for any forms not listed.


Petition for Appointment of Guardian, Individual with Alleged Developmental Disability (PC 658)

Report to Accompany Petition (PC 659)

Order Appointing Attorney (PC 628)

Notice of Hearing (PC 562)

Notice of Right to Request Dismissal of Guardian or Modification of Guardianship Order (PC 661)

Authorization for Release of Information

Requirements for Notice

Proof of Service (PC 564)

Additional Forms:

If appointed guardian of the person:
Report of Guardian on Condition of Individual with Developmental Disability (PC 663)

If appointed guardian of the estate: Inventory (PC674) (Due within 56 days after appointment)

Annual Account are due each year on the anniversary of appointment:
Account of Fiduciary (PC 584)