Transportation Improvement Program

Click here for a list of MDOT's Priority Roads Investment Program (PRIP) projects for the State of Michigan.  Genesee County's projects are on the first page and are highlighted in yellow.

What is the TIP?

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), prepared by Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission is a four-year schedule and budget of proposed federally funded and regionally significant transportation improvements within Genesee County. The TIP is typically updated as needed through a multi-step process in association with the Transportation System Management (TSM) Committee, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and final approval by the Metropolitan Alliance. The TIP addresses transportation projects and programs that include: federal, state and local highways, transit, ride sharing, bike paths, and pedestrian facilities.

The goal of the transportation improvement programming process is to develop a TIP that makes optimum use of available funds and resources to serve the county's transportation needs. The TIP implements the goals of the long-range transportation plan (LRTP). The LRTP covers a 25-year planning period and all capacity projects included in the TIP must be drawn from the LRTP.

 Click here for the annual list of Obligated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) projects (FY 2014)

 Notice of Public Hearing for FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment # 7

  FY 2014-2017 TIP Document as Approved (50 mb)

Main TIP Docuemnt no Appendix (7.8 mb)

Appendix Only (43.4 mb)

FY 2014-2017 TIP Project List (This list is updated as amended.)

TIP Amendment Schedule

FY 2013 Annual List of Obligated TIP Projects

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