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Transportation Safety

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) - Safety Technical Report
The 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan Safety Technical Report is developed to identify and address safety related transportation needs in Genesee County. This report highlights a variety of Safety data to help identify deficiencies in the road system and to mitigate them in an efficient and effective method by establishing goals and objectives that can be implemented throughout the planning process.

For the report staff analyzed traffic crash data from the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website and crash data from RoadSoft, a tool that manages traffic-related data. Staff used RoadSoft to develop traffic crash trends for Genesee County during the period 2003-2007. The data in this report is referred to as the Genesee County Safety Profile. Please click on the link above to view this report.

Intersection Safety StudyThe Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) funded a Wayne State University (WSU) Intersection Safety Study (ISS) in Genesee County. This project evaluated selected high-crash intersections and proposed cost-effective improvements to reduce crashes. The OHSP and WSU worked with staff of the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission (GCMPC) to coordinate the project.

The ISS was completed in October of 2006 and focused on 48 high-crash locations in Genesee County. Click on the link above to view the list of intersections and the proposed recommendations. Staff will be doing a follow-up study to the ISS in 2010. This study will look at how many of the proposed recommendations from the ISS were followed and incorporated into road projects since the study was done and try to assess any safety related impacts.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Call for Safety Projects
Each year, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) releases a Call for Safety Projects to all local road agencies in the State requesting the submittal of projects to compete for the annual allocation of federal safety funding for the upcoming fiscal year. A part of MDOT's Call for Safety Projects local road agencies receive a letter detailing the qualifications for Safety funds and the criteria by which applications will be judged. Our staff assists local road agencies in the development of safety applications helping them to identify safety concerns and in collecting and analyzing data to complete the applications. As part of the application review process it is a requirement that the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission review, prioritize and provide a resolution of support for the projects submitted by Genesee County local road agencies. In the past several years MDOT has prioritize funding for projects that have had recent fatal and severe injuries. When GCMPC staff prioritizes projects top priority is given to projects with recent fatal and severe injuries and/or that were identified in the Intersection Safety Study. Staff also uses a time of return analysis to assist in prioritizing projects.

FY 2015 MDOT Call for Safety Projects Letter

FY 2014 Call for High Risk Rural Road Projects

-TAC Memo

-MDOT Memo

FY 2013 Call for Safety Projects
-Letter to MDOT
-Resolution of Support for FY 2013 Safety Projects

FY 2013 Call for High Risk Rural Road Projects
-MDOT Memo
-Intersection Safety Study

FY 2012 Call for Safety Projects
-MDOT Memo
-Intersection Safety Study

Time of Return Analysis Example Information
-Time of Return Analysis Example
-Time of Return MDOT Information for Excel File
-Time of Return MDOT Excel File

Recent MDOT Safety Project Awards for Genesee County

Safety Data available to the public
-Michigan State Police (MSP) Crash Data Main Website
This site has crash reports available for various levels of government in the State of Michigan.
-Michigan State Police (MSP) Crash Data Query Tool
This site allows users to build custom reports and maps.

State of Michigan Strategic Highway Safety Plan 2013-2016 (SHSP)

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 546: Incorporating Safety into Long-Range Transportation Planning

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 8-76: Framework for Institutionalizing Safety in the Transportation Planning Process

2011 Deer Crash Map