Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission administers Rideshare which is a free, computerized carpool and vanpool matching service that assists individuals and groups with their daily work commute into or within Genesee and Lapeer counties. There are thirteen Local Rideshare Offices (LRO) in Michigan that provide services for commuters commuting into and within their region. To find the nearest LRO go to http://www.mdot.state.mi.us/rideshare/map.cfm

Rideshare assists in forming carpools and vanpools. MichiVan, a vanpooling program sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation, will supply fully insured passenger vans to groups of 7-15 commuters, with cost to be shared among the riders. Rideshare helps employers develop and implement ridesharing programs for their employees. Staff provides employers with professional rideshare presentations, park and ride lot information, tax incentive information, marketing materials and onsite assistance at no cost. Staff also acts as a local contact between the employer and Van Pool Services Inc., who operates the MichiVan program.

For individuals or groups interested in carpooling or vanpooling, staff will provide Rideshare information, including Rideshare applications, park and ride lot information, other LRO contacts and transit information. After applications are completed, staff processes them and provides a free matchlist of other applicants who have similar home and work addresses and work hours. The individual may then contact these people and form or join an existing carpool.

Rideshare also provides a Guaranteed Ride Home Program to all registered carpool and Vanpool participants. The program is designed to offer fare reimbursement should an emergency or unexpected overtime arise during the workday.

Staff also works very closely with Michigan Department of Transportation carpool lot program. There are 216 carpool parking lots located across the state providing over 8,000 parking spaces. Approximately 2,500 vehicles park in these facilities on an average weekday. For more information log onto the MDOT carpool lot webpage at http://www.mdot.state.mi.us/mappub/carpoolpark/