Eligible and Ineligible Projects


Construction Projects Which are Eligible
-Home repairs and rehabilitation
-Neighborhood libraries--construction, conversion, rehab, based on service area
-Street paving and sidewalk construction
-Senior citizen centers--physical development and facilities.
-Handicapped improvements (such as ramps and elevators)--all existing public buildings except fire stations
-Water and sewer lines, storm drains--construction or replacement, not maintenance
-Neighborhood parks and recreation facilities--include structures and equipment (indoor and outdoor)
-The demolition of structures which endanger public safety

Planning Projects Which are Eligible – 20% Limit
Master Plans
-Recreation Plans
-Historic Preservation Studies
-Neighborhood Studies

Public Service Projects Which are Eligible - 15% Limit
-Senior services and equipment (subject to 15% limit)
-Social services (in eligible neighborhoods)--subject to 15% limit
-Code enforcement programs (cannot replace existing service)
-Public safety improvements such as fire protection based on service area, street lights, and crime prevention activities
-New or rehabilitated industrial and commercial facilities (which will employ low and moderate income persons)
-Summer youth employment programs--including salaries and equipment (subject to 15% limit)

This is not meant to limit your consideration of community needs. Community Development funds can be used in a variety of ways in addition to these "typical" projects. Please remember, however, that projects must directly benefit low and moderate income persons, the elderly, or the handicapped. Projects may also address the elimination of slums and blight conditions or address an urgent need.

Some Projects Which Are Not Eligible

Maintenance of public facilities

-Replacement or duplication of existing services
-City halls, court houses, and police stations
-Stadiums, art centers, concert halls, museums, and central libraries
-School facilities
-Transportation facilities such as bus stations and airports
-Hospitals and nursing homes
-Sewage treatment facilities
-Purchase of construction equipment