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HOME Project Descriptions

Past Projects

Genesee County utilized HOME funds to assist with the construction of the Kearsley Daly Villa located adjacent to the Eastside Senior Center on Genesee and Richfield Roads in Genesee Township. The Kearsley Daly Villa consists of a 100-unit senior rental housing facility with an attached senior community center located within Genesee Township. Sixty percent of the units are at affordable rates with the remaining 40% at market rates. The project is located at the corner of Genesee and Richfield Roads. This project was funded with $850,000 of HOME funds.

The City of Mt. Morris constructed 20 units of single family housing within the City. This project consisted of the construction of a new roadway, utility hookups, and twenty units of single-family housing. Eleven of those units were assisted with Genesee County HOME funds. Housing is located near Walnut Street and Read Avenue. This project was funded with $650,000 of HOME funds.
Southwest Partnership

The Eastside Senior Housing Corporation constructed a Victorian-style senior housing complex in Flushing. This property has a mixture of 60 market rate units and 40 low to moderate income units. The unit mix for the senior housing complex is comprised of 70 one-bedroom units and 30 two-bedroom units. Ten of the units were assisted with HOME funds. The project is located in the nationally registered, historic City of Flushing on Elms Road and was funded with $500,000 of HOME funds.

The Lockwood Group constructed 126 units of congregate care senior housing in the City of Burton. Forty percent of the units have been designated for low-income seniors, the remaining units are available at market rent. This housing facility is located at 2173 South Center Road, Burton. This project was funded with $850,000 of HOME funds.

The Royal Castle Companies has constructed a 90 unit senior apartment in the City of Clio. This development is located on Smith and Hughes Streets. The development is known as Roxbury Court Apartments and include one and two-bedroom units. Sixty percent of these units are rented at market rate rents and 40 percent are rented at a subsidized rate. This project has been funded with $750,000 of HOME funds.

Rosewood is a multi-family housing project located in the City of Mt. Morris. The multifamily development is located on Stanley Road between Neff road and Harvard Avenue. There are 64 two-bedroom units and 40 three-bedroom units for a total of 104 units. This project was funded with $850,000 of HOME funds.

The Lockwood Group constructed a senior housing development in the Township of Mt. Morris. The senior development is located on Linden Road, south of Pierson Road. There are 63 one-bedroom and 63 two-bedroom apartments for a total of 126 units. This project was funded with $850,000 in HOME funds.
Lockwood of Mt. Morris

Mission of Peace developed 11 units of new housing in Flint Township. Six of the units were HOME funded and were pre-sold to eligible applicants. All properties developed were tax reverted and donated by the Genesee County Land Bank.

The Lockwood Group was awarded $780,500 to rehabilitate the Glastonbury Manor Development in the City of Davison. This senior housing project was assisted with HOME funds. There are a total of twenty (20) HOME assisted units.

Eastside Senior Center was awarded $1,000,000 to construct fifty (50) new senior housing units with HOME funds. These housing units are for low-to-moderate income senior citizens. This development is located at 3065 N. Genesee Road, Flint, Michigan.

The Lockwood Group constructed 106 senior housing units in the City of Fenton. This senior housing development is located at 16300 Silver Parkway. There are twenty (21) HOME assisted units and this project was funded with $1,286,824.60 in HOME funds.

Salem Housing was awarded $239,456.00 to purchase and rehabilitate six (6) vacant homes for resale to low-to-moderate income families in Mt. Morris Township. The homes that were rehabilitated were donated by the Genesee County Land Bank.

The Metro Housing proposal to construct eleven (11) new single family homes in Mt. Morris Township was approved. This project was funded with $440,000.00 in HOME funds. The land for this development was provided by the Genesee County Land Bank.

Kings Lane Apartments consists of 378 rental units that are being renovated to address the need for affordable housing in the City of Burton. All renters will be at or below fifty percent (50%) of Genesee County’s median income. The project mix includes 64 efficiency units, 146 one-bedroom units, and 200 two-bedroom units. There has been some density reduction in unit sizes which brings the total number of units to 378. The project total is $26,251,655.23, which includes $911,000 in Genesee County HOME Funds.

Current Projects

The Family Service Agency of Mid-Michigan is currently in the last stages of constructing two new single-household rental structures to be made available to low-income persons.  Each structure will contain three separate barrier-free apartment units, with a bedroom, a kitchenette, a restroom, a living room and a small outside deck area.  Each structure will contain a common mechanical room and a common day room, plus hallways and a barrier-free ramp.  Site work will also include sidewalks, parking lot striping, landscaping and utility connections where necessary.  This project will utilize $867,224 of HOME Program funds.

Genesee County Habitat for Humanity will rehabilitate one single-family home, located in the City of Burton, and will complete four new construction homes, one in the City of Fenton, one in Mt. Morris Township and two in Thetford Township.  The homes will be sold to homeowners through zero interest mortgages, provided that they have the ability to pay a mortgage, are within 30%-60% of the area median income and after they donate 250 hours of "sweat equity" to Habitat for Humanity.  This project will utilize $368,600 of HOME Program funds and an additional $211,000 in funding from other sources.

Metro Community Development (MCD), through its Affordable Mortgage Program, provides mortgage lending services to very low income homebuyers that cannot get loans through banks due to credit issues or bankruptcy.  Before offering loans, MCD works with clients to enhance their credit and they must attend homeownership counseling.  Metro Community Development will utilize a total of $360,000 in HOME Program funds for the Affordable Mortgage Program during Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014.

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