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Maps & Services

Disclaimer:  The information provided by, presented on, or displayed in the maps and interactive map services on this page has been compiled from public records and data.  Although these maps and services are believed to be reliable, their accuracy, completeness, or fitness for use is not warranted in any way.  These maps and services are not legally recorded documents or surveys and are not intended to be used as such. Genesee County assumes no liability for any claims arising from the use of these maps or services.


Free Downloadable Maps (PDF format)

Genesee County 2012 Voting Precinct Map Book

Genesee County 2012 Political District Map Book

Genesee County 2012 Commissioner Districts with Precincts

Downtown Flint

Precinct Detail Maps by Municipality
Argentine Township
Atlas Township
City of Burton
City of Clio
City of Davison
City of Fenton
City of Flint
City of Flushing
City of Grand Blanc
City of Linden
City of Montrose
City of Mt. Morris
City of Swartz Creek
Clayton Township
Davison Township
Fenton Township
Flint Township
Flushing Township
Forest Township
Gaines Township
Genesee Township
Grand Blanc Township
Montrose Township
Mt. Morris Township
Mundy Township
Richfield Township
Thetford Township
Vienna Township

The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these PDF files.