Ordering Transcripts

All proceedings with the exception of Small Claims are recorded.

If you wish to order a transcript of a specific proceeding, you should contact the court recorder for the judge who heard the case. You will need a name, case number and/or the date of the proceeding in order for the court recorder to locate the log sheet.

The statutory rate is $2.05 per page. If the transcript has previously been ordered, the cost is 30¢ a page. The court recorder will give you an estimate of the cost and a check made payable to the court recorder in advance is required.

You may make contact as follows:

Judge Location Court Recorder Phone
Chief Judge Mark C. McCabe Fenton Court Andrea Johnson (810) 629-5318
Chief Judge Pro Tem Larry J. Stecco Mt. Morris Court Susan DeCourval (810) 686-7140
Judge John L. Conover Davison Court Katrina Jennings (810) 653-4126
Judge Mark W. Latchana Burton Court Lynn Beldin (810) 743-5600
Judge David J. Goggins Flushing Court Janet Driesen (810) 659-5659
Judge Christopher R. Odette Grand Blanc Court Tammy Ewka (810) 694-2552