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67 District Court
SOS Program
Rules and Expectations 

  1. Be on time.  Being on time shows respect for yourself and others.  Check in will begin thirty minutes prior to the start of class.  Once the program starts no admittance will be allowed and no refund will be given for late participants.
  2. Keep the program confidential.  Participants in the program come from many backgrounds.  Some individuals may not want others to know about their circumstances.  If you know someone in the class, please respect their privacy just like you’d like them to respect yours.
  3. No Cross/Over Talk.  Do not talk when someone else is sharing.  Please be attentive and show the individual respect.
  4. Dress Conservative and do not wear any clothing with drug or alcohol representations/advertisements.  If you have clothing deemed inappropriate you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.  No sagging pants, hats, caps, Halter tops, short shorts, cut-off shorts will be allowed.  For your comfort, it is suggested that you dress in layers.
  5. No food will be allowed during the program; however, you may bring a bottled water or soda.
  6. The more you participate the more you will gain.  You can demonstrate participation by being attentive, listening and providing feedback.  Debate and even differences of opinion are acceptable; however, what is not acceptable is name calling, harassing, use of offensive language or talking about another member in a negative manner.
  7. Cell phones and pagers are to be turned off while in group session. Leaving class to check or make phone calls is NOT permitted.
  8. Facilitator of the group reserves the right to ask anyone to leave that may become a disruption to the class.  If you are asked to leave, your fee will not be refunded and the Court will be notified of an unsuccessful completion of the program.
  9. No drugs or alcohol -  Any one suspected of using or being under the influence may be asked to leave the class.

It is our hope that you will learn and take away from this program information that will keep you and others safe from the use of alcohol and drugs.