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           67th District Court 





The 67th District Court is in the process of converting its records to a new court information system (JIS). The new system went online August 4, 2014.
At this time, it is necessary for the court staff to manually transfer existing case records from the former court information system to JIS while also processing new case filings.
In order to allow the staff to perform these duties in a timely and efficient manner, the 67th District Court will be closed to the public pursuant to the following schedule until further notice effective August 28, 2014:

MONDAYS |CENTRAL COURT - 8:00AM - 12:00PM | All outlying locations are open.

TUESDAYS |GRAND BLANC/BURTON/DAVISON COURTS - 8:00AM -12:00PM |Central, Flushing, Fenton, & Mt Morris open

WEDNESDAYS | MT MORRIS/FLUSHING/FENTON COURTS - 8:00AM-12:00PM | Central, Burton, Davison, & Grand Blanc open

May 17, 2010, cell phones and other electronic devices were banned from all City and County Court Facilities. Attorneys, Police Officers, properly identified Jurors and other Government Employees are excluded from the ban. There is not a place to temporarily store devices.



 **Records Check**

Note: Records from our “old” system will still be available on the left navigation bar with the heading “Records Prior to July 31, 2014” these records shown are not updated beyond July 31, 2014. As we work through converting cases you will find them under the heading “JIS Records Check”.

 **Internet Payments**

Temporarily the Court is unable to take internet payments on cases (misdemeanor files). The Court is able take payments on regular traffic violations (i.e. speeding ticket). If you do not locate your ticket on the system and would like to make a payment – please click here and send us your name and ticket number. 


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