Fines/Court Fees

All fines and court fees assessed in your case are scheduled to be paid by a due date ordered by the judge. If you do not have fees paid in full by that date, then you will need to appear in court for a scheduled "Show Cause" hearing. This is usually set for the same day that your fees are due. Payment of all court fees is to be made at the 67th District Court Clerk’s Office, also located in the McCree building. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 PM. The Court only accepts payments by cash, money order, cashier checks, or credit cards. Payments may be mailed, paid via the internet by clicking here, or paid in person. Be sure to include your name and docket number written clearly on the money order or cashier check. You may make payments in any monetary amount until paid in full by the due date, or you may pay in full all at one time.


In most cases, a probation fee is assessed in addition to court fines and costs. Any payments on your case will automatically be applied to fines and court costs first unless you specifically tell the Clerk the amount that you wish to pay on probation fees.  You may make lump sum payments on your probation fees, pay your probation fees in full, or pay on a monthly basis.  However, ever effort should be made to remain current on your probation fee obligation and you must be paid in full by the end of your probation term.