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67th District Court Administration

Dena Altheide, Director of Court Operations      Sarah Santini, Deputy Director of Court Operations
Amy Clolinger, Clerk of the Court                          Helen Davis, Deputy Clerk of the Court
Christal Dye, Office Manager                                 Denise Barber, Court Specialist
                                                                                    Kim Davis, Court Specialist

Court Administration is responsible for the non-judicial functions of the court, subject to the supervising authority of the Chief Judge.

The primary areas of responsibility include management of the court budget for the court, jury services, and court technology.

Court Administration is also involved with caseflow management and mandatory caseload reporting, facilities operations, court personnel and the development of best practices in the areas of records, information management and technology.

Court administration is supported by an administrative leadership team, with expertise and responsibility to carry out the duties of the court.

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