Order a Birth Certificate Online

Eligibility Requirements

The following individuals are eligible to request a birth certificate (Michigan Compiled Law 333.2882(1)(a)).  The birth must have occurred in Genesee County:

  • Child named on the record
  • Mother named on the record
  • Father named on the record
  • Legal Guardian (NOTE:  Legal guardians cannot order birth certificates online.)

If ordering a birth certificate online, you testify:

  • that you are USING A CREDIT CARD IN YOUR OWN NAME, you are not using another person’s credit card to place an order and,
  • you further state that you are a person listed on the birth certificate (child, mother, or father) and,
  • you further understand that the credit card will be charged the full amount of the order and will not receive a refund or transfer of fees even if a record is not obtained and,
  • you fully understand that birth certificates can only be shipped to the billing address for the credit card and,
  • you full understand the eligibility requirements to obtain a birth certificate. 


The fee for a certified copy is $25.00.  When more than one certified copy of the same record is ordered, the first copy is $25.00 and each additional copy of the same record, ordered at the same time, is $10.00 per copy.  An enhanced access fee is charged for each online order.  Please visit the following link to determine the amount of the enhanced access fee:  http://www.oakgov.com/cart/fee/enhanced_win.html  
These fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable.


Standard - Sent to customer via regular mail through the United States Postal Service with no additional cost.  Customers can expect to recieve their order 2 weeks from the date of the order.

Overnight – An additional fee of $30.00 is charged for shipping overnight via United Parcel Service.  In order to receive your documents via overnight shipping, the order must be received prior to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holiday/furlough days). 

NOTE: Delivery of expedited shipping can NOT be made to a post office box. A physical address is required for expedited shipping. 

Name at Birth:
Format: First, Middle, Last (Maiden)
Has the individual ever been adopted? No
Has there ever been a legal name change (other than marriage)? No
Date of Birth:
Please enter the DOB in the format: MM/DD/YYYY
Place of Birth:
(County) Note: Only Genesee County records are available.
Father's Name:
Format: First, Middle, Last
Mother's Maiden Name:
Format: First, Middle, Last (Maiden)
Please select your relationship to the birth name: My own Birth Record
My child's Birth Record
Only the person named on the record or a parent named on the record can request a certified copy of a birth record
Shipping: Standard Shipping (free)
Expedited Shipping (an additional $30 per order)
Expedited shipping costs an additional $30 per order.