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Dress Code Policy

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Important legal proceedings take place within the Genesee County Circuit and Probate Courts.  The following DRESS CODE POLICY shall take immediate effect:



  • No shorts, tee-shirts, tank-type shirts, sweatshirts, sweat suits, jogging suits, or similar attire;
  • No hats, sunglasses, or outdoor jackets shall be worn when appearing formally before the Court;
  • No baggy pants or pants that drag on the ground.


Please remember that your choice of clothing often reflects an attitude when appearing before the court.  The following attire is encouraged and parent(s) or guardian(s) are urged to encourage the same for children or wards:

  • Shirt and tie for males;
  • Pants other than blue jeans;
  • Neat and clean shoes.


  • NO Cell Phones are allowed in the courthouse
  • No food or drink whatsoever shall be brought into the courtroom.


 Chief Judge                                              Chief Judge
Genesee County Circuit Court            Genesee County Probate Court


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Use of Genesee County Circuit Court Facilities

The Genesee County Courthouse is a public asset.  However, security, access to historical furnishings, confidential information and sophisticated courtroom recording systems are factors that must be considered.

 A request to use a courtroom or other courthouse space, assigned to the Circuit Court shall be referred to the Circuit Court Administrator.  The Court Administrator will obtain detailed information about the request.  If the request is use of a particular courtroom, the Court Administrator will contact the Judge whose courtroom is the subject of the request.  If the request is not specific, the Chief Judge will be consulted.

General Guidelines

  There must be a designated member of the requesting organization who will be responsible for insuring that the facilities are used with respect and not damaged.

 An evening and daytime telephone number of the responsible member must be provided to the Court.

 No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the courtrooms. 

Courtroom recording and sound systems may not be used. 

 The judicial bench in the courtrooms may not be used, unless special permission is requested and given by the Court.

 Courtroom tables may not be moved.  If chairs are moved, they must be returned to their original location.

 No group in excess of 50 members will be allowed without special permission. 

 Programs or agenda materials must be removed upon completion of the event.

 The organization must contact the Genesee County Sheriff to determine the cost of providing security for the event.  The Court may waive the security requirement.

 The courtrooms may not be used for any fundraising activity.   No admission fee may be charged by the organization.

 The Court reserves the right to deny any request.  


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