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Circuit Court Judges

Circuit Court Judges are elected to a staggered, six-year term, on a non-partisan basis. The Judges are responsible for the disposition of Civil, Criminal and Family cases.

Listed below are the judges of the Genesee County Circuit Court.  Click on each name to get biographical information. Procedures & Protocols are included for each Judge.

Honorable Duncan M. Beagle
Chief Judge Pro-tem
Family Division
Dawn Nicholas, Secretary

Honorable Joseph J. Farah
Civil/ Criminal Division
Karen Dearlove, Secretary

Honorable Judith A. Fullerton
Civil/Criminal Division
Diane Chema, Secretary

Honorable John A. Gadola
Family Division
Melissa Scanlan, Secretary

Honorable Archie L. Hayman
Chief Judge Pro-tem
Civil/Criminal Division
Jackie Swinton, Secretary

Honorable Geoffrey L. Neithercut
Civil/Criminal Division
Mary Foust, Secretary

Honorable David J. Newblatt
Family Division
Teresa VanArsdale, Secretary

Honorable Michael J. Theile
Family Division
Ruby Allen, Secretary

Honorable Richard B. Yuille
Chief Judge
Civil/Criminal Division
Fran Awdish, Secretary