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Case Evaluation

The case evaluation office was created in 1977 pursuant to a local court rule that established mediator selection, scheduling and filing protocols. Presently this office is governed by the court rule requirements of MCR 2.403 and MCR 2.404. Cases seeking money damages are referred to case evaluation.  The panel is comprised of 3 attorneys and/or judges. The ADR Clerk assigns panels, schedules cases and processes the fees and briefs submitted by parties.


Case evaluation fees are $25.00 per attorney evaluator.  Checks should be made directly payable to the attorney evaluators.  Fess should be submitted to the ADR Clerk 14 days after receiving notice of the hearing date. 


Case evaluation briefs are due 14 days before a scheduled heating.  Parties are assessed a late filing fee in the amount of $150.00 if briefs are not filed timely.  Late briefs should be delivered directly to the evaluators. All late fee checks should be made payable to the Genesee County Treasurer. 


 Case Evaluation hearings are held in the ADR hearing room in the law library. Parties have 28 days to accept or reject an award. If all parties accept the award, the case is considered settled.  If one party rejects the award the case proceeds to settlement conference or trial.  


Attorneys who wish to serve as evaluators must complete an application and submit it to the ADR Clerk.  Annually, an application review committee meets and reviews submitted applications. 


The case evaluator application may be downloaded from the Michigan Supreme Court’s website.