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Building Security

The Genesee County Sheriff Department maintains a presence in the Genesee County Courthouse. Deputies assigned to the courthouse provide protection to the judges, courthouse staff, lawyers, and the public. Deputies observe all persons while in the courthouse so as to deter or defuse situations that could otherwise become confrontational.

All persons entering the courthouse must pass through a security checkpoint. Through the use of metal detectors and x-ray machines the deputies assure that no weapons or illicit substances are brought into the Courthouse. This procedure can cause a short delay. Attorneys are advised to arrive well in advance of scheduled appearances.

No persons, other than authorized security personnel and on duty law enforcement officers, are allowed to bring weapons or firearms into the courthouse. Off-duty police officers must check their weapons at the security checkpoint.

The security system enhancements include closed-circuit television surveillance of targeted locations to insure the safety of building users and occupants.